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    Cool wildonepeter

    From Australia. I have a 2000 A8L, 4.2ltr petrol AUDI. I have just had the ABS hydraulic pump unit replaced. it was coded in, but there is a problem. When you start the car, the ABS and the ESP lights in instrument cluster go out, but when you drive the car, and reach 2000 RPM they come back on. If you start the car and rev it past 2000 RPM the lights do not come on, you can get the car up to 90 kilometres per hour, and keep the revs under 2000, the lights will not come on. However, they will come on at any speed over zero if the revs are over 2000. I have had another technician try to recode the car, his scanner said the unit in the car is a 5.3 ABS unit, my car I believe is meant to have a 5.0 unit. Bosch says the unit supplied is correct. Can this unit be coded to suite the car, if so what are the codes to do it and what procedure do we follow. Help needed.

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    Good day,

    That sounds weird.... Can we please see a complete Auto-Scan of the vehicle, this will give us some more information about the vehicle and the controllers installed.



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