Great interface but a couple of quirks for which I need some guidance. I did make a search but I didn't find the answer, so apologizes if this has been addressed before.

The car: Audi RS6 C5 Avant 2003

The interface: HEX NEXT

Devices: Android phone / laptop PC Windows 10 Home running latest VCDS soft (18.9.1 as we speak)

The symptoms:
When trying to perform an ouput test, most of the time I get a 'Conditions not met' error message BOTH on the laptop & the phone, and can't go further. However, and this is very strange: I was able to perform these output tests only twice with the laptop (sequential mode only - Never succeeded from the smartphone). My first chance occured 2 days ago when I first tried the device, and the second happened like 30 min ago. Other than that, it has been impossible to perform those tests. Of course the engine is not started and the ignition is turned on. Anything stupid I may have forgotten?

Additional question about the Cloud-only features restrictions:
It seems like I need an internet connexion everytime I need to access the 'Cloud-only' features like these output tests. Imagine I'm stuck in a place with no wifi / 4G coverage, I suppose I can't access those functions, right? Blunt question: can't we just unlock this restriction?

Many thanks in advance!