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Thread: Changing data parameter units

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    Changing data parameter units


    Yesterday I had in a 2013 Audi A4 2.0L that was tripping for fuel rail too high. When looking at the data parameters, the high pressure desired read in MPa, while the actual read in kPa. Is there a way to change the unit settings so they both read the same so when graphing the data both are visable instead of going off the chart? Or maybe there is a way to change the graph settings to accept the high number as displayed in kPa.


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    Graph settings can certainly be adjusted.

    You click on the value you wish to adjust the vertical scale for, the sent a Max and Min, then click back on the value.

    Units from the car cannot be adjusted. We don't decide those; some guys in white lab coats and titles like "Dr.Dipl.Ing." in ze Vaterland do that.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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