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Thread: 2013 Golf R parking (side) lights

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    2013 Golf R parking (side) lights


    I have imported a 2013 USDM Golf R back to Europe. To make the car road worthy in my country, it needs properly functioning parking (side, or city) lights. Unfortunately the original wiring harness is missing the parking light wire in the headlight connector (pin 10 in the connector is empty). That being said, the wire for parking light signal in the BCM connector is not missing and is going somewhere. The wiring diagram shows some sort of "positive connection in the interior wiring harness" B144, however I can't find it in the places where I have reasonable access to the wiring harness that caries the other headlight and side marker wires.

    So I figured there are two ways for me to solve the issue:
    • Find the B144 positive connection and splice a wire for parking light
    • Run a dedicated wire from the headlight via firewall and splice it with the wire exiting the BCM

    What might be a problem if I choose the second way? Also, perhaps someone knows the exact physical location of the B144 connection?

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