My girlfriend and I just purchased a 2007 Audi Q7 4.2L Quattro. She has wanted an Audi since forever...and we made it happen..albeit it does have some issuea..but me being very mechanically inclined, and somewhat familiar with electronics...I/we thought it was a worthwise purchase. I've been in wanting to have a reason to buy a cable and software for these for a while, and enjoy learning how to work on different things. I am extremely familiar with General Motors products mechanically and electrically, I don't think I've ever had a problem I was not ultimately able to fix on those. Anyways with that being said, from what I've learned so far it's going to be a fun learning experience figuring out the electronics on these.
Anyways, the main thing that I would like to address first, is that it has a extremely rough idle, and when you get really into the accelerator pedal, the engine falls flat on its face. I have a generic scanner that I use often, I was able to generate a scan report. Attached is a link to the scan report

So far I have found out that both mass air flow sensors are either sending a low signal or no signal. I'm thinking the first thing I need to do is get the cable/software so that I can properly log the output on the various Electronics. The scanner that I have is showing 0 volts on the mass airflow sensor and other things that should not be zero. Also on my generic scanner the RPM shows 0 which is odd. The tachometer on the vehicle does not display zero, it works.

Originally I had some misfire codes for cylinder number 1 and cylinder number 8. I have replaced the ignition coil packs on those cylinder and the codes have not returned since.

When on the freeway and using light to medium throttle pedal action, the vehicle run smoothly and strongly. You wouldn't notice anything on the freeway unless you needed to pass someone quickly.

I have checked the connectors and the wiring but have not ruled out shorted circuit or wiring and have not ruled out broken wires.

Thanks for the help. I'm going to continue reading other threads using the search function. Sorry if there are grammatical errors or improper sentence structures. I'm using speech to text on my phone