I'm using a HEX-NET 0.4436.4 with VCDS 18.9.1. The car is a 2009 A4 B8 (aka 8K) with 2.0T CAEB motor. So UDS protocol for the engine.

With my HEX-CAN+USB, I could do Group UDS, but was limited to 8 values. Without grouping, I could do 12, but the values for a single cycle were too separated in time. HEX-NET would let me use the Split UDS function, so I got that.

But I see I remain constrained to 12 selections overall. Is that a limitation of the Audi system, or a legacy limitation of the Ross-Tech implementation? Is there a chance this might be lifted at some point? Since Group UDS can do 8 values per shot, I was hoping the split functionality was going to let me split the selections into two groups of 8.

Regarding the Split options, "by 7, 8, 9, 10, 11". If I go 12 selections, then I assume I would split 6+6, or evenly. That's not even an option. Regardless that I can run through each option and see what it does (it appears to be x selections split by y, the first sample group is x-y entries and the second sample group is y entries), what am I missing regarding why those particular options and wording was used?

When using Group UDS, we get results that are same time stamped. What's the feeling about how synchronized those values really are? Is the ECM still processing them in a sequential manner? So they're closer than otherwise, but will never be perfectly aligned?