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Thread: Assistant settings not available on the MIB 2 screen in passat b8

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    Assistant settings not available on the MIB 2 screen in passat b8

    i have a client who bought a second hand 2015 Passat B8 with the MIB 2 High system. The car came to me straight from the dealer which imported it.
    I have retrofited a backup camera with moving guidelines (the one that have the interface built in). Since then (but i am not exactly sure because i did not check it when i got the car, dealer didn't check it either) i cannot activate the lane assist or other assistants from the MIB menu.
    Whenever i press the checkbox i get the message that "function is currently not available" - picture attached

    My job was coding the camera, adding it to gateway and changing the 5f adaptation:
    Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-VPS_0x0B activated
    Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-VPS_0x0B_msg_bus Databus Infotainment

    I tried to compare the coding with two similar cars and i do not see any differences. Also there are no errors in the modules
    Activation of the assistants using the instrument cluster and steering wheel works.
    The log file from the car is attached

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