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    Lightbulb Basic Settings - ON/OFF/Next option

    I want to use this particular option named Basic Settings, to do some calibration for an old cleaned up diesel EGR valve. The car in question is an European VW Passat CC from year 2009.
    I started the 01-Engine module and accessed the Basic Settings for it. There I was able to select EGR valve calibration option. Once I did that, I was preseted by VCDS some instructions like : Ignition ON, Engine, ...
    Then it was told to press firmly the brake and acceleration pedals.

    In that screen, there is a button labeled ON/Off/Next.
    My question is, do I need to press that before starting the calibration and procedures like pedals press?

    I tried both ways, no button pressed and do all things.
    Then I tried and pressed it, no feedback then my rps jumped to 1000 and the acceleration pedal press had no influence on the rpm.
    After that I pressed again the button, everything went down and I was not able to do anything in that screen. Simply I exited.

    So, what are the details of that On/Off/Next button? Are there some multiple phases of calibration? Do I enter in calibration session with ON and end it with Off? What is Next for? If so, how much do I need to wait for it to finish?

    Thank you.
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