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Thread: RNS-E Retrofit - Possible Kufatec 39878 Reversing Camera Issue

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    Check the label on the top of the RNS-E. If you have “C: Ext Control Connector: 2. RFSL” the screen will auto-switch to the camera view when the RNS-E is turned on and reverse gear is selected. (RFSL is German for Rückfahrsignalleitung or Reversing Signal Cable).

    In addition, the RNS-E needs to be re-programmed to recognize a camera using a VAG-COM. Go into 37 NAVIGATION , 10 adaptation Drop down box , Select reverse cam, Change from 0 to 1,Save.

    You can follow this link to see what's involved and what you need to do this mod. The camera listed for this project is a one-to-one replacement for the OEM license plate light but can be tricky to find so hunt around, they're out there -

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    Just a follow-up and sorry for the delay!

    It turns out there were two installation errors: (1) The required jumper at the rear of the RNS-E to the RFSL connection was not installed and (2) the installer used a 3 amp fuse rather than the 15 amp fuse noted in the instructions on the power line to the camera. With those corrections, everything, including the Kufatec 39878, worked fine.

    Thanks to all above for their help and encouragement!
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