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Two newly delivered 737 Max crashing in a very similar stage into the flight - some reports suggest that the anti-stall software is over intrusive causing the nose to keep being pushed down to lose altitude and (re)gain speed.

Sounds like some serious software investigation is needed ...

Really glad that my next flight to the US in May won't be on a Boeing 737 Max
Yes, it would seem there might be issues with the MCAS implementation. But let's not forget that the Lion Air crash could easily have been prevented if the pilots had just flipped that system off when it started to mis-behave and hand-flown the plane. And now we have the Ethiopian Air crash with with a 29 year old Pilot In Command, and a co-pilot who only had 200 flight hours. The PIC supposedly had 8000 hours. How is that even possible at age 29?

Personally, I wouldn't worry about it much on a US, British, or German airline. I would trust their pilots to turn that crap off and actually aviate.