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Yup, file sizes match.

How about the digital signature? Is it intact? Click the Digital Signatures tab...

Uwe: Thanks for your efforts, but it is with more than a degree of embarrassment that I must admit that the problem was indeed at my end. The digital signature for the file was OK (same as the previous beta - with differnet date, of course).

It appears that (for some unknown reason) your software has suddently conflicted with my firewall program. I've been using Symantec Endpoint Protection for some time now without any problems when loading your previous SW versions. Now, the only way that I can make your software load onto my laptop is if I disable Endpoint before I download the file (I have absolutely no idea why - other than perhaps a conflict with the latest Endpoint definition files)!

Anyhow, thanks again for your help - I reckon that you are entitled to ask Dana for half of her petty cash payment (i.e. $25) - as a token of my gratitude. Buy yourself a couple of glasses of Aussie beers!