Hi, I would also appreciate some label, even Adv.MVB would be great (and selectable output test the best :-D ), when it is a "4-letter type of engine"... I am/we are trying to solve(few experts "break their teeth" on it... :-D ) the problem of voltage drops on 5V sensor circuit A (reference voltage - sometimes G274-fuel pressure, G79-accelerator pedal sender, G40/G28 synchro). Far now we have sprinkled it and with scope on a ref.voltage on 1 and 3 of G274 went for a ride and found out, that the "blackouts" are PWM and in moment of probable activation of solenoid mounting valve (when steering to the right, so if I am not wrong, it should be N144...), sometimes in case of longer braking... The "suspect" is pretty clear (and now imho/ioho :-) even without water/humidity), but any tips?