2010 Audi A6 Quattro 3.0 TDI engine code CDYA (240hp)
What options do I have with VCDS to “command” a DPF regeneration?
Vcds activated emergency regeneration when driving and/or when standing/idle?
And how to perform / activate it?
Engine ECU/ECM uses the “CAN” protocol, but VCDS gives no hint “bubbles” or security code “bubbles ”
And no “drop down” list with choices in basic settings.
In [8] measuring blocks there’s not much info on what it’s showing, so a “nob” like me is left in the dark..
MIL was on for some time due to a faulty temp sensor “3B” according to VCDS, at vag (etos/etka/elsa) the same sensor is called “4”
So now I also would like to know how to see the measured ach volume/weight on the DPF as the faulty sensor did not allow any “by normal driving” regeneration.
and if volume/weight is on the high side force a regeneration before I get “blinking glow spiral” and “limp home” mode.
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