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Thread: Adaptation channel - sort crieria?

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    Adaptation channel - sort crieria?

    hmm........ I've long pondered how VCDS decides the priority listing of adaptation channels in the newer style reports which include "Tags" (both in admap lists and on the screen).

    It's clear that the primary "influencer" in this decision process is the numeric value of the "Primary Tag". But the subsequent level sort criteria is less obvious - to me at least. I assume that there is at least one more level of sorting in VCDS because each of the Leuchte-sets in the BCM is reported in the same way around the Primary Tag - so something in the VCDS software must be mandating this sequence.

    What is the sort-function for VCDS after the Primary Tag?

    Also, given that the adaptation channels in modules using the new Ross-Tech nomenclature appear to reside in a quasi-relational database, the absence of a next level sorting criteria using the Secondary Tag is intriguing. Was this option considered and abandoned? If so, why and if not (considered) can it be considered?

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    I don't think think VCDS itself sorts them. I think just the order that the stuff is in the .ROD file, which defines what channels are available in that module and how the raw data from them is to be interpreted, among other things.

    A more definitive answer would require Eric and/or Yanping to chime in here.


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