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Thread: VW passat b6 2007

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    VW passat b6 2007

    My car does not start, the whole car is full of error codes.
    only the device i get into is the instrument, the engine fan goes on all the time.
    There are 5 error codes in instruments on control units that are not found.
    01314 4 motor controller
    01316 4 brake control
    01321 4 control for airbag
    01309 steering aid control
    0473 controller for epb J540

    yesterday i disconnected the abs, then started the car, then I plugged it in again and the car did not start so i bought a used abs and just changed the electrical part, then i got into the abs but only a short time ago the engine fan started again , and I didn't get into the controller anymore.

    how do I encode the new abs device with vcds?
    do you have tips on what else might be wrong with the car?

    has translated with google translate.
    / Richard

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    Please post a full Auto-Scan using the English version of VCDS.

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