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Thread: Suggestions for label improvements

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    Suggestions for label improvements

    Hi Ross-Tech Crew,

    I encountered a few interesting things regarding coding labels over the past months that I would like to share.
    Propably some of this information could be incorporated in any next release...

    Audi A6/A7 4G, door units

    Adresse 42: Türelektr. Fahrer (J386)       Labeldatei: Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 4G8 959 793 H    HW: 4G8 959 793 F
       Bauteil: TSG FA        H04 0511  
       Revision: --------    Seriennummer: --------------
       Codierung: 011F16015E00628002080013
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 02391 785 00200
       VCID: 45D6A06995A4650FED3-8010
    This is a long lasting struggle that there are still no coding labels.
    A possible solution could be to take the experimental labels from an Audi B9 chassis. These do fit! At least up to byte 4 or so from what I can judge.
    Besides the coding labels from Audi A4/A5 8K/8T chassis do also fit, at least for the most basic things like retrofitting some illumination or mirror stuff.

    Audi A4/A5/A6/A7 4G/8K/8T non-FL or FL, wiper subsystem

    Subsystem 1 - Teilenummer SW: 4G1 955 119     HW: 4G8 955 119   Labeldatei: DRV\1KX-955-119.CLB
       Bauteil: WWS57X 170611  H38 0080 
       Seriennummer:         170629111248
       Codierung: 0045F7
    That is wrong.

    I see people struggling for example with the deactivation of the so called tear wiping that is documented to be in Byte 1 Bit 3.
    The truth is, that the label file 5QX-955-119-V1.CLB which is used for example in Audi A3 8V subsystems does fit better as the tear wiping does reside in Byte 2 Bit 5.
    Maybe you could re-investigate that.

    All VAG cars with non-UDS Seat memory module (MEM-FS)

    Adresse 36: Sitzverst. Fahr. (J136)       Labeldatei: Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 4G8 959 760     HW: 4G8 959 760 
       Bauteil: MEM-FS        H03 0157  
       Revision: AA000000    Seriennummer: 00000266846178
       Codierung: 00581B0000006001000001010101102030303232203232
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 02391 785 00200
       VCID: 77AA1AA19FC8C79FAFF-8022
    These modules were put in Audis or even VW T6 Transporters without any label file and no experimental information as they speak only CAN.
    A possible solution is available.
    The experimental coding labels from the very new UDS Seat Memory modules in MLBevo cars like Touareg 3 do fit!
    Adresse 36: Sitzverst. Fahr. (J136)       Labeldatei:* Keine
       Teilenummer SW: 4M4 959 760     HW: 4M4 959 760 
       Bauteil: MEM-FS        009 0042  
       Seriennummer: 12A14826101303
       Codierung: 00581B000000B0010000010101010000000000000000000000000000000000
       Betriebsnr.: WSC 02391 785 00200
       ASAM Datensatz: EV_SCMDriveSideCONTIAU736 006009
       ROD: EV_SCMDriveSideCONTIAU736_AU49.rod
       VCID: 79AE1C99A95CD1EFD9B-802C
    It seems that VAG just put the UDS layer over the existing modules without having the coding changed.
    There are more bits in the new modules. But putting the new coding label over the old module actually did help me with some coding already...

    This does not apply to MQB Seat memory modules.


    There might be some more glitches in the VAG coding universe but these are the ones that came to my attention again and again...
    I do not have any proof that really every bit does fit according to my assumptions above, but it seems to be legit.

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    I like the ideas, but I struggle to find a way to how reliably detect stuff like the seat memory module. Going by the reported part name might be a solution, but not a very reliable one, as even an additional space in the end could make the logic fail. However this could be trim()'d...

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    In the end I have no idea how to approach this except for the obviously wrong label file for the wiper subsystem...
    Taking the experimental labels from the UDS modules and putting them into a "normal" label file for their former CAN derivates does make them semi-experimental as long as there is no car for extended testing...

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