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Thread: Coding labels wrong for 8L0 central locking

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    Coding labels wrong for 8L0 central locking

    First tests of V2. Found a central locking pump behind my desk.
    Yes, oldschool you may have never seen in your life.

    Tried to change coding of it.
    If I sum it myself looking at balloon popup, it's fine.
    Problem if I want to use Coding helper.

    "Coding details can be found it byte 01 & byte 02." Actually they are not.
    I can spoil totally valid coding by ticking/unticking some checkboxes and trying to save it.

    How to fix 8D0-862-257.lbl?
    ; converted coding
    ; (short coding displayed as long coding for easier modifications)
    LC,01,0,Rear Lid Opening via Rear Lid Lock
    LC,01,1,Anti-Theft Confirmation via Blink
    LC,01,2,Selective Locking
    LC,01,5,Locking via Speed
    LC,01,6,Comfort Closing via Remote Control
    LC,00,0,Rear Lid Logic
    LC,00,1,Remote Control "Close" Confirmation (1x Blink)
    LC,00,3,Door/Window Logic (USA)
    LC,00,4,Remote Control "Open" Confirmation (2x Blink)
    LC,00,5,Remote Control
    LC,00,7=,Additional Coding Options can be found in Byte 01!
    OR needs another "00" automatically on the left of current coding in hex.

    Let's say I take 8D0-862-257.lbl label from \Labels directory, make a copy into \Labels\User and edit wrong short coding (converted coding) in here.
    Later open 35 central locking, Coding, Coding Helper, but checkboxes are still labeled as in \Labels directory but not \Labels\User.
    Why isn't \Labels\User directory higher priority than \Labels?
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