Hi Chaps,

Posting for the first time from the UK, and hoping for a bit of guidance on switching the default KPH digital display to MPH.

I've read that in order to activate the Alt. Speed Display option (which will remove the KPH), and also add the (large) digital display, I have to do the following:

  1. Select Control Module 17 “Instruments” in VAG-COM/VCDS
  2. Go to Long Coding
  3. Go to Byte 0 > Bit 4-7
  4. Change whatever location you have in there (Normally England/GB) to "Rest of World/Australia/etc."
  5. Click Exit and then DO IT

However, my garage say that they were not able to make the change; due to a "Coding error", when attempting to "DO IT!".

Someone has since informed me that as Long Coding is being changed, they may need to login to the module first.

My question is really if this is indeed the case, and if some definitive steps could be provided?