Well i got my car back on 23th.

What got replaced:
Head machined and valves reseated
Timing belt and rollers GATES
Waterpump GEBA
Tensioner bolt separately - too many people on our forum have broken bolt after timing belt change, very weird coincident 
Cam bearing GLYCO
Oil Edge FST 5w-30
oilfilter Hengst
Oil bolt
Valve guide seal ELRING
Injector harnes OEM
PD injector seals BOSCH
Tandempump seal kit and glueing the vacuum output MEAT&DORIA
Manifold seals
Head gasket Victor Reinz
Camshaft end seals
Injector bolts
Cam bolts
Head bolts
Other o-ring

Now i have to think what next... will i upgrade it more or just drive a bit. Soul desires a newer car, but newer isn't like this. For instance buying mk7 4motion is actually cheaper than mk6 4motion... . Or maybe a passat 2012 4motion.
Oh and i couln't get the Aux.heater(webasto) fitted. Because of the 4motion transfer box the metal tubing doesn't fit. :/