Yep - 100% confirmed here - I spent some time stripping A-pillar and B-pillar trim looking for the seat belt tensioner, but when you get that far in its only a few moments to lift the rear seat and see a way to run the small loom with the 2-pins for CAN connectivity.

So here's where it gets more interesting. Kufatec instruction say to connect to pins 02 and 18 on the J533 plug, but on this car those pins are vacant. The loom is supplied with bare wire ends to splice into vehicle loom at those pins - they are not connectorised. Pins 02 and 18 are correct according to OE wiring diagrams.

So now I wonder how/why (if) this car doesn't have seat belt tensioners - is that not a standard feature for all markets - never looked for them on VCDS to be honest ?

Then I am wondering, if my J533 doesn't have factory wiring for the extended CAN bus, do I have the right variant of J533 to talk to the AHLS controller (once its coded correctly) ?

Part number is 4G5 907 468A with h/w and s/w codes 0028 and H10.

I am looking through schematics now to verify if the loom colours on my J533 plug align with other expected stuff.