Hi all, I知 having a few problems with my car, an Amarok my11. Iツ知 not looking for help or anything with the problems, just some honest help before I go splashing the cash.

So I知 using a WiFi elm327 and EOBD-FACILE app, this gives me access to the fault codes, for arguments sake P0013-11, now I can go on the interweb and search for it and it tells me what the P0013 is for, but not the -11.

The question, will vcds and the cable give a more in depth diagnosis, or will it also just tell me the camshaft actuator on circuit one is open. I get that I will be able to do other stuff with it, but at the moment I need the car to be running and reliable before that crosses my mind. I can purchase the cable or take it to a dealership, not both. Some help or advice pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.