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Thread: VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

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    Lightbulb VCDScripter for automating coding tasks

    Dear Community,

    It was already announced and released in the german VCDS community but I'd like to share it also with the RoW/NAR community.

    The VCDScripter to automate coding tasks

    The idea is to have an easy scripting language to write automation scripts that direct VCDS to do what you want.
    There exist the following commands:

    • StartVCDS
    • CreateAutoscan
    • CreateAdpMap
    • CheckForUnits
    • TestPartNo
    • TestComponent
    • TestAdpChannel
    • LoginToUnit
    • ClearDTCs
    • ClearAllDTCs
    • OpenUnit
    • CloseUnit
    • ChangeCoding
    • ChangeCodingInSub
    • ChangeAdpChannel

    The logical structure is to open a control unit, do something with the control unit, close the control unit, and maybe doing it again with other units, except for commands where the scope is not on a special control unit like ClearAllDTCs.
    An error handling logic is implemented to skip or exit the script if some requirements like part no or component string does not match your requirements for example.

    Everything is localized in english when you open the Scripter from a non-german Windows OS.
    VCDS has to be installed to C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS

    Here you have a link to the english documentation:

    Another feature is to compile a script to an stand-alone EXE one-click application in order to execute the script on PCs where VCDScripter is not present. (Compile script)
    Screenshot of security question before execution of EXE one-click:

    Scripts can be saved natively in .vsf file format.

    The capabilities are quite huge to establish general scripts for different model years for several purposes.

    There is a little tool in the ZIP that is named AdpmapToVCDScript.exe
    When you drop a CSV adaptation map of a control unit on the EXE file, it will create a script to batch-change adaptation channels. Assure that inplausible channels are removed. Retrofitters could love this when swapping MQB BCMs or MIB units.
    Screenshot of german version:

    VCDS has to be closed and your interface has to be connected to the car prior to run any script.

    Download-Link to the software and an extended description of everything is available in german on my blog:
    (scroll down to "Download Zip")

    Everything is tested by me on Version 18.9.0 of VCDS.
    Virus-scanners could bother you that the software is malware. Unfortunately this is normal! Please ignore it and/or define an exception!

    VCDScripter has a few limitations and restrictions:
    • Only vehicles are supported that support automatic detection of installed units ("Installed” tab on the control module overview)
    • Short / decimal type of coding is not supported
    • Adaptations based on channel numbers is not supported
    • Only the new interface generation is supported (HEX-V2 or HEX-NET)

    Have fun and tell me your thoughts (or problems)


    (If you are interested in mending all the issues I got with my girlfriend during development phase, there is a little donation link beneath the download link................)
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