This post is for racing and OFF road use only or for testing to achieve an educated find for reduction or more precise control of EVAP LDP emissions!

Okay everyone knows how the N80 is a big steaming coil snake in the yard for its issues caused & the many TSB's or DTC's as a result?

I have an idea for racing while being in the spirit of not deleting the function of the EVAP N80 device & because when it works properly it indeed has a function, I believe I have achieved an enhanced SMOG function and power?


That's right.......... 2 N80's installed inline for redundancy and triggered at same time, however, can be monitored by an ECU stack for an MIL and with them installed backward to oppose each side by verifying the block side with a mighty vac/PSI tester, further it blocks all boost or blow by into the gas tank circuit corrupting the charcoal canister from intake and gasses inverse unless switched at idle under vacuum or the time ECU states too when pulsed & if the LDP has achieved a build up it doesn't just let it bleed off into intake & to allow for lost gasses when not being operated or a siphon affect & that is reported after refueling typically leaving someone stranded?

Now in old days I would just install a one way check valve to stop lost boost but this didn't stop the fuel siphon issues I have found nor others did it?

What you guys think...........?