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Thread: Jetta 2005 2.5 L lost battery due to a big leak 2A constant.

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    Hello Peter, when threads get like this, I like to try and summarise where we are and how far we've got with testing:

    i. Your 2017 radio.
    Component Protection is what it is; it's there to stop the exchange of stolen parts. Your radio may have worked well for a couple of weeks, but CP will be lurking and will bite you (as you have found) when you least expect it. It works by encryption keys that are known only to the VW servers. As many have said, a trip to the dealer or authorised ODIS user is the only way to remove it.

    ii. Fixing your O2 sensors.
    I don't have a Wiring Diagram for your car, so I'm going off the one that Jack kindly posted. Would you carry out the following tests for me and report back the results of each one?

    1 - Unplug all three of the O2 sensors. In each of the plug couplers that are wired to the sensors, measure the resistance between pin 1&2 of the 4-wire sensors and pin 3&4 of the 6-wire sensor. Resistance in ohms=?
    2 - Remove fuse SB45. Ignition on or engine started, measure VDC from feed side of fuse to good known ground. Volts=?
    3 - Stop engine/ignition off. From the other side of fuse socket, measure resistance to ground. Ohms=?
    4 - Keeping your probe in the fuse socket, measure resistance to pin 1 on the harness side of each of the 4-wire sensors you left unplugged in step 1 and to pin 4 of the 6-wire sensor. Ohms=?
    5 - Plug all of your O2 sensors back in. With your SB45 fuse still out, select the 10A range on your meter, probes in the correct sockets, and connect your meter over the SB45 fuse socket. Ignition on or engine start. Measure the current flow. Amps=?
    6 - Replace SB45 and I'll direct more depending on your results.

    Incidentally, E30 that powers the O2 sensor heaters is derived from a positive 87a supply. 87a is the switched pole of a relay; so have a look at where SB45 gets its supply from, I'm expecting a relay...

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    It's all Greek to me!
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