my car was born with halogen headlights. I am looking into retrofitting LED headlights. I want to dilute this project in time, as of now I would like to compile a BOM and realize how much it would be, so I can allocate the budget over a period of time.

being my car a pre-facelift, the only way to get LEDs seems to be e-Golf/GTE headlights. I don't like the blue strip that much but I can live with it.
I have narrowed down the headlights to part numbers 5GE 941 035/6, which can be replaced with 5GE 941 773/4 eventually.

I have, of course, several questions and curiosities:

- I would like to replace the headlights, and the headlights only. can I maintain the manual height adjustment or do I need to install the height sensor like Xenon cars have?
- I have a HIGH BCM, will that be enough?
- LED headlights have 14pins while mine have 10. is it just a matter of rewiring or maybe I need to add extra modules? if so, which ones (like Xenons need module 55, I believe)?
- can I maintain my stock halogen fog lights, maybe replace the bulb with a decent quality LED, provided that it gives no errors on the dash?
- I believe there is some coding/adapt involved. do we have info about this?

thank you