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Thread: Proposal to improve new thread quality

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    Proposal to improve new thread quality

    There exists a vBulletin 4.2 mod "New Thread / Post Reminder Message" (alternate support doc site). I propose this should be installed and used to throw a New Thread Checklist above most attempts to start a new thread. The plugin can be set to appear only for new threads being started, not for every post. It can use different reminder messages for different subforums, like this:

    • In the Support forums, "Would you, pretty please, for the love of Dear Baby Jesus and All That is Good and Holy, include a complete un-edited Auto-Scan using these handy instructions because it's the very first thing we need to even begin thinking about your problem", perhaps a link to a video on how to use CODE tags, a link to Wiki or JPPSG, etc.
    • In the Reference Scans forum, provide a quick summary and a link to Jef's rules.
    • In the Pre-Sales Support and New User forums, "Are you trying to become a Verified User? Go here! And if you are Verified, you probably want to post -> Over There"

    If desired, it can be set to include or exclude certain usergroups, or go away after a certain post or thread count, etc but just for new threads being started, IMO it would be simpler and totally fine to always display a tasteful and condensed reminder for all users.


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