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Thread: Golf R - active info display - enable R logo in AID

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    Golf R - active info display - enable R logo in AID

    Hello! I own a 2015 VW Golf 7R and have retrofitted the Active Info Display for the digital look.
    I was able to select the R dials with the blue theme and 320 kmh top speed, but I am not able to enable the R logo to show up as all the R have from factory.
    This surely is a setting that needs to be enabled via VCDS somewhere, but I just don't know which one. I tried comparing the 17 - instruments adaptations that I have with the ones that a friend has on a 2017 VW Golf 7R with active info display and R logo and I cannot find out how to enable it.
    Can anybody help pls?
    The "R" in question is the one between the trip odometer and total odometer, as shown in attached picture.

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    Can you please post full autoscan and Adaptation map from the module 17 instrument cluster?

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