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Thread: MK7 GTI instrument lights

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    ENG105834 looks interesting

    ;SW:5G1-920-856-B   HW:5G1-920-856-B ---  Instruments
    ;Component:KOMBI         344 8311, Coding:0BBD0902A180CF0502086A001000000000000000
    ;VCDS Version: Release 18.9.0  Data version: 20180927 DS296.0
    ;VCID: 2D5AC3427C50E2224E-8078
    IDE00295-Oil temperature display,On ,1
    IDE00301-Distance,30181 km,3
    IDE00342-ESI: Resetting ESI,no warning ,1
    IDE00343-Language version,US English ,1
    IDE00345-MAS00234-MFA3-Reset-MFI button RESET / OK,Manual reset: not possible ,3
    IDE00345-MAS05463-MFA3-Reset-Refuel detection gasoline / diesel,MFA3-Reset ,3
    IDE00345-MAS05464-MFA3-Reset-Refuel detection gas,MFA3-Reset ,3
    IDE00345-MAS12879-MFA3-Reset-Electrical refueling detection,MFA3-Reset ,3
    IDE00499-Display correction of consumptions and operating range,100 %,1
    IDE00500-Hour,10 H,1
    IDE00501-Minute,40 min,1
    IDE00502-Year,2019 yr,2
    IDE00503-Month,1 mon,1
    IDE00504-Day,5 d,1
    IDE00510-ESI: distance driven from inspection,4471 km,3
    IDE00511-ESI: time from inspection,73 d,2
    IDE00512-ESI: minimum value km-driving distance/inspection,15000 km,2
    IDE00513-ESI: maximum value km-driving distance/inspection,30000 km,2
    IDE00514-ESI: maximum value of time between inspections,730 d,2
    IDE00515-ESI: oil quality,poor oil quality ,1
    IDE00517-ESI: soot entry,0 km,2
    IDE00518-ESI: thermal load,10000 km,2
    IDE00819-Day counter,819 d,2
    IDE00820-Activating and deactivating all development messages,not active ,1
    IDE00827-ESI: minimum value of time between inspections,365 d,2
    IDE01153-SIA: maximum value of distance to service,16100 km,2
    IDE01154-SIA: maximum value of time to service,365 d,2
    IDE02489-Display depiction,Version 2 ,1
    IDE02818-IDE02689-Offset for tank calibration values-Complete tank calibration,-12.8 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02376-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 1,-12.8 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02377-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 2,12.7 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02378-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 3,12.7 l,5
    IDE02818-MAS02379-Offset for tank calibration values-Offset sensor 4,12.7 l,5
    IDE03329-Driving profiled for range remaining,7.9 l/100km,2
    IDE03346-IDE00301-Units adjusted-Distance,miles ,3
    IDE03346-MAS01230-Units adjusted-Date,mm_dd_yy ,3
    IDE03346-MAS01456-Units adjusted-Speed,Miles per hour ,3
    IDE03346-MAS02201-Units adjusted-Temperature,Degrees Fahrenheit ,3
    IDE03346-MAS02957-Units adjusted-Time,24h ,3
    IDE03346-MAS03032-Units adjusted-Volume,gallons (US) ,3
    IDE03346-MAS03034-Units adjusted-Pressure,psi ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05637-Units adjusted-Operating range consumption: CNG (compressed natural gas),kg per 100 km ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05638-Units adjusted-Consumption gasoline / diesel - LPG (liquefied petroleum gas),Miles per gallon (US) ,3
    IDE03346-MAS05875-Units adjusted-Average consumption: electric drive,kWh per 100 km ,3
    IDE03346-MAS13665-Units adjusted-Trailer/support load ground,kilogram (kg) ,3
    IDE03348-MAS01456-Speed warning-Speed,0 ,2
    IDE03348-MAS01561-Speed warning-Unit,Miles per hour ,2
    IDE03348-Speed warning-,not active ,2
    IDE03349-FIX: Max. distance until next mileage-related inspection,32200 km,2
    IDE03350-FIX: Maximum time until next time-dependent inspection,730 d,2
    IDE03351-FIX: Distance covered since last mileage-dependent inspection,4400 km,2
    IDE03352-FIX: Time since last time-dependent inspection,73 d,2
    IDE03372-Source for synchronization of time,GPS ,1
    IDE03568-ENG119828-Service-key settings-p_deactivate_SK_Function,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG99943-Service-key settings-p_forcewrite_qual_time,10 s,5
    IDE03568-ENG119827-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_Basic,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG102414-Service-key settings-p_main_switch_keyless,On ,5
    IDE03568-ENG102611-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_speed,20 km/h,5
    IDE03568-ENG103545-Service-key settings-p_write_delay_time,40 s,5
    IDE03568-ENG104099-Service-key settings-p_write_distance,20 km,5
    IDE03867-Deactivate seat belt warning,No ,1
    IDE05930-Service notification in days,30 d,1
    IDE05931-FIX: Reset value for next mileage-dependent inspection,32200 km,2
    IDE05932-FIX: Reset value for next time-dependent inspections,730 d,2
    IDE05971-Vehicle Positioning System Interface Control Module,not installed ,1
    IDE06425-Roller test bench mode: functional,not activated ,1
    IDE06588-Ignition active message: actuator,Driver door ,1
    IDE06922-No-voltage display,Unknown (2),1
    IDE07221-Cylinder shut-off,Display ,1
    IDE11086-Service notification,30 d,1
    IDE11932-MAS01877-Display of colour adjustment-Red,0 ,3
    IDE11932-MAS01878-Display of colour adjustment-Green,0 ,3
    IDE11932-MAS01879-Display of colour adjustment-Blue,0 ,3
    MAS03555-Lap counter,Display ,1
    MAS03685-Digital speedometer,No display ,1
    ENG117917-BAP_Debug_Mode_Release,not_released ,1
    ENG119877-ENG98401-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 1,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98402-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 10,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98445-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 11,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98403-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 12,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98446-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 13,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98447-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 14,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98448-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 15,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98404-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 16,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98449-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 17,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98450-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 18,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98451-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 19,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98452-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 2,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98405-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 20,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98453-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 21,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98406-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 22,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98454-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 23,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98455-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 24,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98456-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 25,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98407-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 26,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98457-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 27,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98458-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 28,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98459-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 29,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98408-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 3,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98409-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 30,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125180-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 31,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125181-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 32,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125182-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 33,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125183-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 34,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125184-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 35,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125185-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 36,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125186-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 37,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125187-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 38,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG125188-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 39,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98410-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 4,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98460-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 5,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98461-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 6,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98462-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 7,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98411-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 8,OFF ,20
    ENG119877-ENG98463-Configuration of Development CAN-Messages-Block 9,OFF ,20
    ENG119875-defuel_threshold,9 l,1
    ENG105831-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X2,32 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X3,66 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X4,96 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X5,DC ,12
    ENG105831-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105831-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y1,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y2,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y3,00 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y4,05 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y5,14 ,12
    ENG105831-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_day-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105832-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y1,02 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y2,02 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y3,0E ,12
    ENG105832-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y4,1E ,12
    ENG105832-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y5,32 ,12
    ENG105832-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_clock_dial_night-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X5,DC ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105834-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y1,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y2,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3,10 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y4,1E ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y5,55 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105835-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y1,05 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y2,05 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y3,0C ,12
    ENG105835-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y4,17 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y5,32 ,12
    ENG105835-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_indicator_lights-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG119878-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X1,00 00 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X2,00 32 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X3,00 64 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X4,00 C8 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-X5,01 F4 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y1,00 00 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y2,00 0E ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y3,00 41 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y4,00 C8 ,20
    ENG119878-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_internal_phototransistor-Y5,00 FD ,20
    ENG105836-ENG101574-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X1,00 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG99557-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X2,0A ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102140-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X3,32 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102936-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X4,64 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG103548-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X5,96 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG113992-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-X6,FD ,12
    ENG105836-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y1,01 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y2,01 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y3,07 ,12
    ENG105836-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y4,0E ,12
    ENG105836-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y5,1E ,12
    ENG105836-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_middle_display_main_field-Y6,64 ,12
    ENG119874-Gas_functionality,not active ,1
    ENG125906-ENG125912-Illumination_algorithm-Pointer_illumination_algorithim,terminal_58xd_log_bus_parkinglight ,1
    ENG125906-ENG126396-Illumination_algorithm-Scale_switching_algorithm,parking_light ,1
    ENG119882-init_fuel_algorithm,No ,1
    ENG130585-Leaving_warning_delay,1.6 s,1
    ENG102605-ENG103211-outside_temperature-p_blocking_time_after_v_bigger_0,15 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG100239-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_entry_temperature,4 C,16
    ENG102605-ENG103023-outside_temperature-p_ice_warning_exit_temperature,6 C,16
    ENG102605-ENG102658-outside_temperature-p_kmt_at_delta,25 C,16
    ENG102605-ENG99866-outside_temperature-p_mileage_after_v_bigger_0,5.0 km,16
    ENG102605-ENG103631-outside_temperature-P_speed_threshold,20 km/h,16
    ENG102605-ENG99450-outside_temperature-p_storage_time_engine_off,180 min,16
    ENG102605-ENG104179-outside_temperature-p_tendency_damping,15 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG103335-outside_temperature-p_tendency_threshold,1.0 C,16
    ENG102605-ENG100500-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_pt1,40 s,16
    ENG102605-ENG103256-outside_temperature-p_time_constant_slow_damping,2.0 ,16
    ENG119825-Picture_Upload_Download,not active ,1
    ENG126396-Scale_switching_algorithm,lowbeam_foglight ,1
    ENG119876-Service_Key_Clear_All_Counter,Yes ,1
    ENG130584-Statistic_phev_mileage,5 km,1
    ENG109442-ENG119793-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Dreiter_ms,2.0 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119794-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_dummyMenuTimeout_ms,5 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119802-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FondGurt,35 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119804-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_FTuerAUF,300 ms,18
    ENG109442-ENG119796-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_MenuTimeout_ms,255 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119799-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextServiceAnz_ms,5 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119798-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_NextWarning_ms,6 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119805-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P1Pause_ms,20 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119800-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_P2Pause_ms,900 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119801-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_Quit_ms,10 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119797-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_TWSAnz_ms,3 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119795-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_UhrTimeout_ms,10 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119803-time_parameter_display-hmi_t_USZ,0.40 s,18
    ENG109442-ENG119806-time_parameter_display-rollierblockgroesse,3 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG101663-time_parameter_display-tDD15_off,0.30 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG103975-time_parameter_display-tDD15_on,0.00 ,18
    ENG109442-ENG100026-time_parameter_display-tDDWUP,0.00 ,18
    ENG112418-ENG112412-total_range_gas-consumption_factor,0.000 ,4
    ENG112418-ENG112411-total_range_gas-consumption_profile,consumption_profile_calculation ,4
    ENG112418-ENG112410-total_range_gas-selection_consumption_factor,consumption_factor_CAN ,4
    ENG112418-ENG99298-total_range_gas-State,not active ,4

    Elapsed Time: 00:36
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    There must be a way to upload a file here, but I can't find it. Also can't find a 'help' menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgordon View Post
    There must be a way to upload a file here, but I can't find it.
    No, we don't want this forum to become a file-hosting service.

    The engineering problems are likely insurmountable. It would be like proposing to land a rocket booster section on a barge floating in the middle of the ocean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgordon View Post
    New to the community. Is there a way to adjust the instrument panel lights using the VCDS? I would like to disable the sensor that dims the lights automatically AND find a way to turn the lights off using the dashboard switch. I often drive very dark roads, and the instrument panel lights are way too bright even at the lowest setting.
    jgordon: hi and thankyou for a most interesting question! Forgive me if I'm telling you something that you already know, but the device that auto-dims the instrument panel on a mk7 is a photo-transistor that lives between the "7" and "8" numerals on the tachometer dial - see picture below

    Again, my apology if I'm "teaching grandmother to suck eggs" but a photo-transistor is a semiconductor device in which the electrical-gain of the transistor is modulated by the amount of light that falls on its transparent body. In the case of the mk7, the device modulates the dashboard illumination via a series of adaptation channels in the module @ address hex17 related to "dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment" - as suggested by Uwe in a previous response.

    Specifically for the photo-transistor, the hex17 module has 8 such adaptation channels devoted to "X" values and a further 8 channels linked to "Y" values in a mk7. Most of the questions that I've read regarding the photo-transistor gain-curve relates to increasing the illumination during daylight time (usually because of tinted windows) and I've written a set of instructions for this problem which you can find on the link below:

    In your instance however, the changed characteristics need to apply to the night-time hours, so I suggest that you experiment with the set of "Y" adaptation channels (instead of the "X" channels) in my instructions. Of course, you should note the starting values for the adaptation channels in case you need to revert to the factory settings and it goes without saying that SPECIAL CARE should be exercised in selecting channels because there are many closely worded channels in the hex17 module.

    The other confounder in your experiment will be the access code for the hex17 module. In modules up to about MY16, the security code was as listed in my instructions, but in later model modules, the code changed. I've recently read a post on this forum where a colleague has suggested the following for later modules:

    Quote Originally Posted by djduese View Post
    Try it with 47115
    I've not confirmed this code

    Good luck with the experiment - and have fun!

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    VW Golf MkVII (103TSI) my13

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    So if I understand correctly, I'm to experiment with the the dimming curve by changing the 2 numbers after the Y1, Y2, etc? The Dropbox file in your link is no longer available. Any suggestion for a starting point?

    ENG105834-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y1,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y2,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3,10 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y4,1E ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y5,55 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y6,64 ,12
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgordon View Post
    So if I understand correctly, I'm to experiment with the the dimming curve by changing the 2 numbers after the Y1, Y2, etc? The Dropbox file in your link is no longer available. Any suggestion for a starting point?

    ENG105834-ENG99777-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y1,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100480-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y2,03 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100773-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y3,10 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG100631-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y4,1E ,12
    ENG105834-ENG102174-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y5,55 ,12
    ENG105834-ENG113993-dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge-Y6,64 ,12
    gordon:hmm......Of course there is much that is not known about these illusive and mysterious dimming_characteristic_curve channels (at least not much known by me)! Anyhow, while you may be correct in choosing those channels, I had meant that you experiment with the phototransister set of channels (see table below - these are the default values on my MY13 Golf)

    I'm not sure why the link in my tweak instructions is broken (I will try to find the PDF document and re-load it), but here is an extract from the notes that I made when I played with the channels above (way back in 2015):

    For the mk7 Golf, it appears that:
    a) the "X" values relate to increasing brightness levels in the cabin ,
    b) the "Y" values correspond to decreasing darkness levels in the cabin.

    The settings for the adaptation channels indicate that:
    a) The phototransistor has 5 x "set-points" for "X" and 5 x set-points for "Y". The granularity of the "X" values is about twice that of the "Y" values: the range of the "X" values is Hex00-Hex1FD (i.e. decimal 0 - 500), whereas the "Y" value range is Hex00-HexFD (i.e. decimal 0-253), This may be because the human eye is more sensitive to increasing light levels (as I understand).
    b) The set-point for the brightest daylight illumination is "X5" (i.e. the sequence X1, X2, X3.... X5 corresponds to increasing daylight levels in the cabin)
    c) The set point for the darkest night time level is "Y1" (i.e. the sequence Y5, Y4, Y3......Y1 corresponds to darkening light levels in the cabin) .
    d) For a particular "X" channel ( X5, for example), decreasing the hex value increases the instrument panel illumination level during daylight.
    e) For a particular "Y" channel ( Y1 for example), increasing the hex value for this channel will increase the cluster illumination in darkness

    Hope this helps

    VW Golf MkVII (103TSI) my13

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    Maybe I need to restate my goal: the dashboard is far too bright when driving on a dark road, even with the dimmer switch rolled all the way toward 'dim.' I want to adjust the dimmer switch curve so I can dim the lights further, even 'off' if possible

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    gordon: Yes, I did properly understand your original objective - my best (only) advice is to start experimenting with the channels above. As I found when I first played with these channels a few years ago now, there may be side effects on the illumination of other parts of the dash board (like perhaps the MIB screen - but I really don't know). Nevertheless, and notwithstanding the inherent risk with anything new, this is a very low risk exercise since you can (should be able to) revert the settings to their factory values if anything goes pear-shape!

    Good luck and please provide feedback if you proceed - it's the implicit quid-pro-quo for advice given in this place because it adds to the sum of the forum's knowledge about the secret black arts of VW's protocols!

    VW Golf MkVII (103TSI) my13

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    Thank you Don. As you suggest, I will proceed carefully and gladly post my results here. This may take some time.

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    Well this is confusing.

    Enter controller 17
    Enter security code
    Select Adaptation
    Scroll to ENG105834
    The next 12 lines are "dimming_characteristic_curve_adjustment_gauge " from X1 to X6 and Y1 to Y6
    I can change the Stored Values, but there is no pattern, and some have changed when I entered the controller after entering the security code. Stored values are:
    X1 = oo
    X2 = 0A
    X3 = 32
    X4 = 64
    X5 = DC
    X6 = FD
    Y1 = 03 or 05
    Y2 = 03 or 05
    Y3 = 10 or OC
    Y4 = 1E or 17
    Y5 = 55 or 32
    Y6 = 64

    I have changed the first and last (X1 and X6,
    Y1 and Y6) but seen not any change in instrument panel brightness. Fortunately I am able to return to the original values. Gonna stop now and do some more research. All suggestions and thoughts welcome.

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