hi, new user
had unregistered lite for a while, works well, reads codes and blocks up to about block 20

i'm chasing a hot start issue, which may be due to a flakey cam sensor. (after standing for 10 minutes after being fully up to temperature, it has a long crank, when cold it fires up almost instantly, its quite repeatable)

I bought a registered version to look at the crank and cam signals when its doing the long crank thing, these are held in block 50 of full VCDS, there are a few threads on tdiclub showing VCDS screen shots

but I cannot display block 50, I get a message saying unable to display,
any idea how I can look at the crank and cam speeds?
vehicle is 2002 Audi A3, 1.9TDI, with PD engine, AZS I believe, 130 hp

thanks in advance