My wife has a new 2018 Q3 Sline. She previously had an A6. Apparently the new Audis now use a different seat heater mechanism. After about 10 minutes the seat heaters automatically change from level 3 to level 2. Additionally the heaters aren't very warm even on level 3. My wife has a back condition and the seat heaters are a great help for her.

Does VCDS provide the ability to disable the automatic heat reduction on a 2018 Q3?
Does VCDS provide the ability to increase the heat output of the seat heaters?

I will buy whatever kit is necessary, so if someone can answer these questions and (hopefully) point me in the correct direction I'd greatly appreciate it.

My other alternative is to trade a 200 mile car for one with properly functioning seat heaters. Yep. It's that serious.

Someone please save me a lot of money! Thanks