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Don, that's how it was set on one of the many many many adamaps I have from different cars Usually backup light is only on one side. At least on EURO spec lights. Same goes for the fog light.

And according to the link the OP posted taking you to ECS tuning where he bought the lights from, all the lights look to be LEDs.

And what's more interesting is that according to ECS tunings coding instructions, they state that from mid 2015 onwards the fog light has moved from Leuchte 26 to Leuchte27.

His Leuchte27 function is now :
ENG116963-ENG116388-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion A 27	Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht: Positionslicht: Begrenzungslicht) 	16
If that is fog light then it means that it is constantly on. So instead of changing the leuchte28 just yet, why not first change the lichtfunction to this one for leuchte27:
ENG116963-ENG116388-Leuchte27NSL RC6-Lichtfunktion A 27	 Nebelschlusslicht wenn kein Anhaenger gesteckt
I'm 100% sure that it will put the fog light out of it's misery

If it really is the case that there's a parking light also on the left side. Then change the leuchte28 lichtfunction to this one as Don stated already :
ENG116964-ENG116407-Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion A 28	Rueckfahrlicht
And sorry Don for jumping on the subject.
downtime-you are correct . my bad