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    Thought I would post a short introduction before I started asking questions in the main Forum.

    I work for a company in Canada that installs remote start systems for an Audi and VW dealer. Really love VCDS and the great unique options, not to mention troubleshooting, that it provides. I've only been using VCDS for about 8 months and if I can be of any help I see all the new model years of VW and Audi on a regular basis!


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    Hi and welcome.

    We love to see scans from brand-new cars, so if you've got one, post it up even if you don't have any questions about it; it may help us or others at some point in the future, for example if we're looking for a pattern in how a particular module was coded.

    Now that I think about it, I'm semi-tempted to make a forum section for people to post scans in that don't have any questions associated with them.


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