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Thread: 05 beetle cabrio

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    05 beetle cabrio

    Hello All. I got a quick question and figured I'd ask some experts.

    I got a convertible 05 beetle. What I'd like to know is about power window operation in relation to the convertible top latch.

    So far, with the top closed and latched with windows up, when I release the latch for the top lock the windows automatically roll down an inch or two.

    But, after the top is re-latched the windows don't automatically go to their full up position.

    Is this the normal way things should work, that I have to put the windows the rest of the way up myself after the top is closed and the latch is locked?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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    - Have a look at this Ross-Tech video, jump to about 3:00 and you see the Open/Close Switch, it jumps to 'Not Operated' when the Top Open cycle is complete.
    - As far as I can remember this is a 'normal' operation for the top and windows.

    New Beetle Convertible Basic Top Operation

    Hope this helps,


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