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Thread: Retrofit ACC VW T6

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    Quote Originally Posted by cilitkas View Post
    are you sure all t6 had CP? i have bought BCM and navi from late 2015 T6, fitted to my 2012 t5 and all works fine, no CP errors...
    PQ platform vehicles' CP scheme doesn't include BCM like it does in MQB platform vehicles..
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    So, for PQ25/PQ35 Car's with Component Protection Master inside the Cluster i figured out the Code.
    You need a ACC Radar and Cluster which are already configured with the right Swap Codes and CP Data from a working or broken T6 for Example.
    It is possible to read out the encrypted Component Protection Data from the Cluster, 20 Bytes @ Offset 0x1540 in Eeprom
    Decrypt it, and than Encrypt it for the your Car.
    With the Component Protection "Transfered", the Swap Codes from the original Car stays and everything works.
    For this you need to be able to read out the 2 Mbyte Firmware of the Cluster @ offset 0x10034 is the 16 Byte CBC AES Key for CP Eeprom Data encryption
    @ 0x1540 in Eeprom there are 20 Bytes, first 4 bytes are CRC32 of the next 16 Byte "Data" (but only after decryption)
    The AES is only calculated over the first 16 byte.

    So do a AESCBC Decryption of Byte 0-15, than you can do a crc32 over Decrypted Byte 4-15 and original Bytes 16-19 from eeprom, this should be identical to Decrypted Bytes 0-3.
    Than you can encrpt the data for the new cluster.

    Took me 3 Month of Cluster Firmware Reverse-Engineering ....
    I am aware that this way of copying the cp Data is already known by some people, but due to for me unknown circumstances this was not made public by them.
    I like to share this information now publicly. Be happy with it.

    Attached a real Use Case Picture for Better understanding.
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