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Thread: Jetta 2014 (CPLA) Highline LED DRL Dim when blinkers are on possible?

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    Jetta 2014 (CPLA) Highline LED DRL Dim when blinkers are on possible?


    I have tried some coding in the bcm module to find the right way to dim the led´s for this car but nothing really helped.
    Searched through this forum and tried almost all what I could find without success. Either DRL should be turned off when blinking or be permanent on.
    Just want it to be as in parking position when blinkers are on and then in full power when blinkers are off.
    Will post an auto scan, just need to get home after work. Right now im using the 3F code in byte 18 which clearly made the DRL´s work after altering them by following a guide. Firstly it was masked as 00 so maybe it wont be possible to know the original one. (it has factory fitted bi-xenon´s and DRL plus LED SBBR light on rear´s) I think it is quite close to the US GLI editions but im not sure
    Im not completely sure if it is the one to use for a vehicle which was manufactured for Germany.

    Does anyone know if it is possible? I read about a 2017 where you could help but it will probably help with the autoscan hopefully.
    Below image is what i have from the BCM module for now. Maybe it can help

    Model	Jetta
    Date of production	10.02.2014
    Year	2014
    Sales type	1624N3
    Engine Code	CPLA
    Transmission Code	PQL
    Axle drive	6A
    Equipment	TW
    Roof color	0Q
    Carpet color code	 
    Exterior color / Paint Code	0Q / C9A
    Special editions	E0A	Without special action equipment
    Lockable wheel bolts	1PE	Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection
    Vehicle class differentiation
    units/platform components	7KK	Vehicle class differentiation -160-
    drive-off assistance	UG4	Hill hold assist + comfort driving assist
    Emission standard	7MJ	Emission standard EU5 plus
    Trailer hitch	1D2	Trailer hitch, removable and lockable
    airbag	4UF	Airbag for driver and front passenger
    with front passenger airbag
    Aktivkohlebehälter / Ottopartikelfilter	1E1	Activated carbon canister
    Storage compartment	7N2	Sunglass holder
    Aerials	8ZH	Antenna for AM/FM reception, "diversity"
    Exterior mirror setting	6XP	Exterior mirrors, power-folding/
    adjustable, separately heated
    Follow-on warranty	EA0	Without subsequent warranty
    Left exterior mirror	5SL	Left exterior mirror, aspherical
    Right exterior mirror	5RQ	Right exterior mirror: convex
    Alternative drive system	0K0	Without alternative drive system
    Drive type	1X0	Front-wheel drive
    "Multimedia"video/DVD/notebook connection	9WL	Jack for external audio source
    Equipment levels	A8F	Sports equipment
    Brake type in rear	1KD	Disc brakes in rear
    batteries	J1D	Battery 380 A (72 Ah)
    Brake type, front	1ZA	Disc brakes in front
    Components with special surface	6FF	Exterior mirror housing and various attachments
    colour coded to vehicle
    Beverage holders	4M2	Beverage holder in center console in
    front and in storage compartment in rear
    Battery/alternator capacity	NY0	Standard battery/alternator capacity
    Component part sets with
    country-specific design requirements	B0A	build parts set without county specific documentatio
    trim	KN0	Without trim element -- without piping
    floor covering	3MJ	Standard floor covering
    vehicle tools and jack	1S1	vehicle tools and jack
    Brake systems	1AT	Electronic stability control (ESC)
    Owner's manuals	0VC	Information kit in German
    Operating voltage	9Z3	12-V operating voltage and 230-V
    brake wear indicator	9U1	brake wear indicator
    Heated washer nozzles	9T1	Heated washer nozzles in front
    CD ROM/DVD/SD card	7QL	Data medium for Western Europe, integrated
    CD changer/CD player	7A0	Without CD changer/CD player
    Chrome package	QJ1	Chrome package
    General operating permit, alterations	C14	Operating permit, alteration
    Roof insert/convertible top	3FE	Tilting and sliding glass sunroof with
    Suspension system in rear	1JE	Rear sports shock absorption
    Suspension system in front	G24	Shock absorption in front
    Insert for the filling up of unleaded
    fuel/fuel type	2G7	Filler neck module 1 with insert
    Installation differentiation for components	0ES	Installation differentiation for
    transmission DQ250
    -- vehicle components --
    Theft protection system	9V0	without anti-theft alarm system
    Inserts	5MN	Decorative inserts
    Scuff plates	7M5	Without impact protection film for door sill
    Park distance control	7X2	Park distance control in front and rear
    Electric interface for external use
    	UF6	Electric interface for external use
    (MEDIA-IN jack)
    Manufacturing sequence differentiation	0FL	Mexico manufacturing sequence
    window regulator	4R4	Power windows with comfort operation and
    circuit breaker
    fire extinguisher	6A0	without fire extinguisher
    Pedestrian protection	VL1	Extended pedestrian protection measures
    Pedal cluster	VF0	Standard pedal cluster
    Headlight activation	8K3	Daytime headlights with automatic headlight control
    and coming home function
    Fresh air intake for passenger
    compartment (with particulate filter)	2V5	Fresh air intake with activated charcoal filter
    Antifreeze	1C2	Antifreeze up to -35 degree celsius
    tolerance up to -40 degree C
    Vehicle tracing system	7G0	Without preparation for VTS (Vehicle Tracing System)
    Vehicle specifications	F0A	No special purpose vehicle, standard
    Interior noise suppression measures	3W7	Acoustics package "Extra"
    Alternators	8GU	Alternator 140 A
    Weight category rear axle	0YD	Weight range 4
    installation control only, no
    requirement forecast
    Weight category front axle	L58	Suspension range 58
    installation control only, no
    requirement forecast
    Base engine	TL5	4-cyl. petrol engine 2.0 l assembly 06K.F
    Luggage netting/pocket on backrest(s)	4U5	Luggage pockets on backrest
    Tie down straps/net/pocket	6M3	Luggage net
    cruise control system	8T2	Electronic cruise control system (CCS)
    Exterior noise suppression measures	2B0	without additional exterior noise insulation
    Luggage compartment trim	5A7	Comfort luggage compartment trim with
    service lid/snap-on cover
    Transmission specifications	G1A	6-speed automatic transmission
    glove box	4Z3	Lockable glove compartment door, with
    Brackets	3P1	Bracket for first aid kit and warning
    handle for hand brake lever	6PE	handbrake lever grip (leather)
    Rear spoiler	5J0	Without rear spoiler
    Rear axle	0N4	4-link rear suspension
    Rear seats	3KB	Unsplit rear seat bench, split folding
    backrest, with center armrest
    Heating and air-conditioning system	9AK	Climatronic with impact pressure
    control, CFC-free
    Headlamps	8IM	Gas discharge headlights with
    dynamic bending light
    Customized installation	FC1	Customized installation
    Instrument clusters	U5A	Instrument insert, km/h speedometer
    Instrument panel	4N3	Comfort dashboard
    Breakaway interior rearview mirror	4L6	Breakaway interior rearview mirror,
    Sticker (customized or special edition)	0KA	Without decals and emblems
    Body style	K8B	Notchback
    Luggage compartment floor covering	6SF	Standard trunk floor covering
    coolbox	1W2	Glove compartment cooling system
    Electronic map cooling system	QS0	Without electronic map cooling system
    Climatic zones	0Y1	Standard climatic zones
    Compass/road sign display	QR0	Without compass/road sign display/
    dynamic road sign display
    headrest for seat, rear	3T2	Three rear head restraints
    Head restraints	3J1	Hight-adjustable head restraints for
    front seats
    Fuel tank treatment	2LD	Fuel tank without differentiation of
    special material treatment
    Fuel quantity for initial filling	1Z0	Initial standard fuel filling
    Fuel systems	1A5	Fuel system for SI engine
    Body measures	5C0	Without special body measures
    Child seat anchors in front	3G0	Without child seat anchora in front
    Camera systems/accident sensors	KA1	With rear view camera system (type 1)
    Radiator grille	6KC	Radiator grille
    License plate lighting	KL1	LED license plate lighting
    Rear license plate bracket	6P1	Rear license plate carrier (ECE)
    Front license plate bracket	6W1	Front license plate carrier (large)
    Paint preservative/transit coating	5K5	Transport protection film with
    additional transport protection measures
    Steering system arrangement	L0L	Left-hand drive
    Reading lamp	8S1	Reading light in front
    steering	1N3	Speed-related variable steering assist
    Backrest release	3H0	Without backrest release for front seats
    Light control systems	8G1	High-beam assistant
    Lumbar support	7P4	Manually adjustable lumbar support in
    front seats
    steering wheels	2FQ	Leather-wrapped multi-function sports
    steering wheel with tiptronic
    Driving on the left/on the right	AV1	right-hand traffic
    Speaker installation	8RM	8 speakers (passive)
    Steering column systems	2C5	Steering column, adjusted axially and vertically
    Headlight range control	8Q5	Dynamic headlight range control,
    with cornering light (AFS 1)
    Center armrest	6E3	Front center armrest
    Multi-function display/trip computer	9Q5	Multi-function display with control
    Engine cooling	8D5	Non-hot country plus auxiliary radiator
    Engine specifications	D2D	4-cylinder SI engine 2.0 l/155 kW 16V
    turbo FSI, homogeneous; base engine is
    Market-specific vehicle version	AW1	Version (high)
    Left vanity mirror	4SX	Vanity mirror left (type 1)
    Right vanity mirror	4TX	Vanity mirror, right (type 1)
    Navigation device	7T6	Navigation system (MID)
    rear fog lamp	8TC	Rear fog light for driving on the right
    Front fog lamp/additional headlamp	8WH	Front fog lamp and cornering lamp
    Online services	EL0	Without online service
    Rear of platform module base	4P1	Rear floor panel module, type 2
    Platform group class	7PA	Platform group class 1
    Panic switch	KP2	With additional switch
    Hubcaps	1NL	Trims for alloy wheels
    Wheels	CC5	Alloy wheels 7.5J x 18
    Radios	8AY	Radio navigation system
    Smoker's/non-smoker's package	9JB	Smoker's package, ashtrays in front and
    Tire pressure monitoring system	7K9	Tire pressure monitoring system
    tire	H7D	Tires 225/40 R18 92Y xl
    Tire suppliers	V0A	Tires without specification of tire
    Spare wheel/breakdown kit	1G8	Breakdown kit
    Restraint systems, front	3QT	3-point seat belts in front, with
    tensioner and height adjustment
     	PLB	Mirror package
     	PS5	Tilt/slide glass sunroof
     	PU3	Multi-function leather-wrapped steering
    wheel with control of gear shift
     	PV1	230-volt socket on center console, rear
     	PXD	Xenon headlamps for cornering light,
    LEDtaillamp assembly and front fog lamps
     	R2Z	RNS 510 DVD NAV/Radio system
     	WI4	Sports package "Bilbao" Volkswagen R
     	WLB	Leather trim "Vienna" with sports seats
    Side airbag	4X3	Side airbag in front, with curtain
    Gearshift knob/handle	6Q2	Gearshift knob/handle in leather
    Special labels/plates	2KW	Labels in German, French and Dutch
    Tail lamp assemblies	8SK	LED rear combination lamp
    Locking mechanism for boot lid/cover
    rear	4E2	Tailgate/trunk lid release
    from inside (electrically)
    Service indicator	QI6	Service indicator 30 000 km or 2 years
    ( variable )
    Front seat, left	3TG	Sports comfort seat in front, left
    Front seat, right	3SG	Sports comfort seat, front, right
    Nameplates for sales name	QD3	Nameplates for sales name
    Seat belt check	9P3	Seat belt reminder, electric contact in
    Outer rear seat belts	3ZU	3-point seat belts, outer rear with ECE
    Center rear seat belts	3C7	3-point seat belt for center rear seat
    seat covers	N4M	Seat trim covers in part leather
    Seat adjustment	3L3	Manual height adjustment for front seats
    seat heater	4A3	seat heating for front seats separat controlable
    Side lights	7R3	Side turn signal lights (white)
    Start-stop system/regenerative braking	7L3	Without start/stop system without
    regenerative braking
    Horns	8Y1	Two-tone horn
    Side and rear windows	4KF	heat protective glass for door, side and rear
    windows, darkened from b-pillar
    power outlet	7B2	12 volt socket in luggage compartment
    Bumper	2JG	bumper in color of vehicle
    Rear stabilizer	0BH	Rear stabilizer
    Front stabilizer bar	0AH	Front stabilizer bar
    Drawers under front seats	QN3	Drawers under front seats
    Heavy-duty/sports version	2UC	Sports version
    Headlamp washer system	8X1	Headlamp washer system
    Windshield wiper intermittent control/
    light/rain sensor	8N3	intermittent windscreen wiper with rain sensor
    Nameplate set	0NB	Nameplate set in basic version
    Door storage compartments in front	3YR	Door pockets with insert mats
    Mass damper for steering wheels	1Q1	Mass damper for steering wheel, 26.5Hz
    Door and lid locking system	4I3	Central locking system Keyless Entry
    without SAFELOCK
    Type approval countries/countries with
    special requirements	B01	Type approval country Germany
    Carrier frequency for remote control	5D1	Carrier frequency 433.92 to 434.42 Mhz
    Door and side trim panels	3LJ	Door and side trim panel in foam film,
    insert in leatherette
    doors	0A2	4 doors
    TV reception/digital radio reception	QV3	digital radio reception
    Front underbody guard	1SA	Without additional front underbody guard
    Identification plates	1EX	Special identification label for EC
    for M1 passenger vehicles
    First aid kit / warning triangle	1T3	First aid kit with warning triangle
    Telephone / telematics	9ZU	Telephone preparation for cellphone
    Additional warning lights	9TC	Additional retro-reflectors (door area)
    LongLife Service Regime	QG1	LongLife Service Regime
    Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater	7E0	W/o heat accumulator/auxiliary heating
    Windshield Glass	4GQ	Windshield in heat-insulating glass
    Washer fluid level indicator	8W1	Washer fluid level indicator
    Additional tires (snow tires)	7DH	Winter tires 205/55 R 16 91H with
    steel wheel 6J x 16, offset 50
    floor mats	0TD	Front and rear floor mats
    Decorative trims	4ZG	Chrome-plated decorative trims
    Additional child seat anchors	3B4	Child seat anchors for
    child seat system ISOFIX
    Elektrische Lenksäulenverriegelung	0RB	Ignition/starter switch locking system
    Auxiliary heating system	9M0	Without auxiliary heater/parking heater
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    Probably possible, since version AW1, which is a golf 6. But can you post an autoscan to see what it's made of? See below on how to autoscan.

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    Removed.   Data from a clone/pirate copy of VCDS is not welcome here.
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