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Thread: MK6 Golf US Blink

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    MK6 Golf US Blink


    Currently working on a MK6 Golf 2.0TDI 4M

    *Golf R front bumper and running lights
    *RS7 Rims

    He wants to have the blinkers as parking lights, and as far as i can tell this is not something you can just toggle in the Cent.Electrics as you could with the Mk5.

    DISCALIMER: Owner of car and myself are aware that this mod is infact illegal, that being said the owner of the car (atleast in Norway) is responsible for the condition of his/her vehicle and is willing to take that risk.

    Autoscan being posted later today as i don't have my laptop here.

    Is there a way to turn do this without a module? As far as i can understand the adaptation for MQB and non MQB are not the same, and thus the modifications that can be done on the CAN and/or LIN-Bus is limited.

    Thoughts / Input?

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    Not possible with vcds for MK6

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