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Thread: ACC radar adjustment on 2017 A3

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    Quote Originally Posted by myounus View Post
    If you wanna play with human lives then get a backstreet job.
    As Uwe has said the system is integrated into the car's throttle and brakes. This is why you won't find 3rd party aftermarket ACC or similar ADAS products and I don't think you ever will.
    I don't think any 3rd party company could take the risk of a software error and manslaughter charges. Some things you can't avoid paying through the nose!
    Your response is unhelpful. I've never stated I want to change the alignment parameters of the ACC system. I want to align the radar unit to the parameters of the ACC system. That has nothing to do with car throttle or brakes - that is embedded in the system parameters. If it works it works. If the radar is out of alignment it stops working. mine. I want to find what the alignment spec is, what my out-of-alignment is, and then turn the tip/tilt screws on the radar unit to get it working again.

    For example, if I can determine which measured value is telling me how far out the horizontal angle is I can easily find how many degrees of screw turn gives so many degrees of angle change. Same with vertical.
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