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Thread: Passart cc 2.0tsi oil pressure issue

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    Yes it jumps from 0 to 1bar

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    I just went through this issue and I know it's frusterating. Start with the simple things.

    Change the filter. Use an OEM Vw filter. You can get them for 10 bucks on Amazon. There is a check valve under the filter.
    A) make sure it's there!
    B) Change it. They are cheap.
    C) Use the correct 5w40 oil

    After that if your oil pressure is still low, try adding some oil additive such as Lucas. This is just for testing purposes. Make note of any increase in pressure. If the pressure rises a few psi it's either the pump or worn bearings as others have suggested. An engine will not always knock with bad bearings. It could be just one main bearing. Pressure is a tricky beast. It doesn't take a whole lot of extra room to cause it to drop considerably.

    Pull your cam bridge and see if the screen has dislodged. If it has I've seen them get sucked I to the intake cam tract and wipe out cyl 1 camshaft journal. The engine ran perfectly, just had low oil pressure. Upon teardown the journal was absolutely destroyed. You will see the damage without removing the cam in some instances. Look for telltale signs on the end of the intake cam where it enters the cam bridge. The internal journal of the bridge will also have deep concentric grooving. If you find this you will need a new head.

    Your balance shafts could also be suspect. If they are causing oiling problems you are on borrowed time. They should roll over very smoothly. When the start to go you can feel it. The catch and grab a little when you spin them. I just had one sieze up and trust me, you want to check them out before they self machine themselves and cold weld themselves while turning 3500 rpm on the highway. You'll be picking up pieces of your engine for 20 minutes.

    I've torn alot of these engines apart. Alot that went through vws awesome 10,000 mile oil change inte

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