Hello all,

My name is Luiz and I live in Brasil, recently bought a VW POLO 9N 2010/2011 equiped with Automated Shift Gearbox (ASG), in Brazil it's called I-MOTION.

got the car 15 days ago and i'm having issues with ASG transmission. After some minutes stopped at traffic light, the ASG don't go to first gear, if I turn off the car and wait some minutes, it works normally.

When looking on how to repair the problem, checked that are somes procedures that needs to be done directly by the ASG module after and during repairing the ASG robot, like:


Started looking for a tool to help me with all this and found the VCDS tool, which from what I've read it's capable of that.

I'm reading a lot and looking for a bunch of videos on youtube about VCDS.

With all that explanation about my problem and my research, these are my questions about VCDS properly.

My ASG module code is 6QE 927 735, I've read about measuring blocks and basic settings, also read about label files.

Downloaded VCDS latest version and installed it to check if there's a label file to my part number, checked it and haven't found a label file for my module.

Since there's no label file for my module, as I read, there will be no indication about what data will be presented in each block in measuring blocks screen, nor which channel should I use to do a specific procedure in basic settings screen.

There's any way to know that (the channel for each procedure)? or I'll need to try each channel and hope for the best? obtaining this kind of technical literature from the factory in Brazil is almost impossible (and I'm not sure if it even exists).

There's a button on measuring blocks screen to go to basic settings on that specific channel, what is the correlation between a channel in measuring block and same channel in basic settings ?, there's any logic in that part or am I understanding it all wrong? example: If I go to measuring blocks and it shows the pressure on the ASG system, will the basic settings on this channel probably execute a procedure about the pressure on the system?

My fear is that if I start running thru the channels in basic settings, the module execute a procedure that should not be executed.

At VCDS web-site havent found a reseller in Brazil, but found a webpage in Brazil that says they sell original interfaces from ross-tech, there's any way to check that (if they're really original parts)?

Thanks in Advance