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Thread: DPF Regeneration failure on 2012 VW Touareg TDI

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    Last time I seen a P0299 on a vw it was the variable vein unit on the turbo partially seized, check to see if it is free or watch the actuator for movement when you do ur vcds test

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    so here's an update for everyone:

    the problem with the boost pressure was a cracked intercooler on the driver side. The connector to the intake manifold was cracked and was leaking.
    I used a fog machine and pumped smoke into the intake manifold and I noticed where the smoke was coming from. Very good trick for those who don't know it.

    Changed the intercooler for $120 from Ebay and all my problems are solved. So to recap I had:

    1. DPF replaced - pain in the ass
    2. O2 sensor right before DPF replaced
    3. Intercooler to intake manifold connector pipe cracked. Replaced intercooler.

    Now waiting for the readiness to kick in to go pass smog... I have driven over 200 miles and still nothing.

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