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Thread: VCDS Communication

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    VCDS Communication

    Not sure if VCDS or vehicle related fault at the moment?

    VCDS software bundle 18.2.1 I think but it normally updates automatically...

    VW Transporter 2007 model chassis 7H

    Tried to complete an autoscan twice and the end result does not seem to suggest that any communication is taking place between the modules and VCDS. The VCDS appears to do what it normally does when accessing the modules but does not show any data in any fields, they are just blank, however the second autoscan did ask me to turn off the ignition to prevent problems with the Supplementary Restraint System, then I continued the autoscan and VCDS then advised me to turn the ignition on again and completed the scan, but no results!

    Has there been any issues with the update as I have not used this VCDS for a while.

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    I'm not aware of any other reports of problems like that with the current version 18.2.1 that you are using.

    I suggest testing it on a different car to verify that your interface and the software are working correctly and that the problem is with this vehicle.

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