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Thread: Case Study: B10C6 Running-in regulation : No Basic Settings

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    Case Study: B10C6 Running-in regulation : No Basic Settings


    Model Audi A7 Sportback
    Quattro 3.0
    Date of production 26.07.2011
    Year 2012
    Sales type 4GA51A
    Engine Code CGXB
    Transmission Code NEU


    Address 08: Auto HVAC (J255) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 4G0 820 043 L HW: 4G0 820 043 L
    Component: KLIMA 4 ZONEN H12 0062

    0292 - Running-in regulation
    B10C6 54 [009] - Missing Calibration / Basic Setting

    Backstory is some work was performed on the HVAC, details unclear, but the system was pulled down to vacuum for +15 minutes then recharged as per factory specs. No AC operations now, has DTC B10C6. Code gets reflagged if cleared out.

    With engine at idle perform the two Basic Settings:

    Adapt flap end stops - Finished Correctly!
    Compressor run-in and A/C power test - Finished Correctly!

    Now able to clear DTC and AC is working to design.
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    Iīve seen simmillar strange thing in A3 2016 that came to me for refill after change of condensator and AFAIR(-emember) no DTC but the AC not running (checking all possible conditions to met) till I have performed (with engine running at idle and AC switched on) basic settings of AC compressor (was original but needs this to start working again...). Donīt get the purpose or what exactly this procedure do (when commonly the "run-out" of a new compressor is usually "just" max.cooling at idle for about ten minutes...) but takes just a moment and then it starts to work again ...

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