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On the VW mk4 platform, the Fan Control Module (J293) is dumb, you can't scan it VDCS or the factory scan tool. If the A/C doesn't work, it will require old fashion detective work.

J293 pin out chart:

MK4 A/C quick and dirty checking:
A/C compressor clutch? Radiator Fans? Sensor
Nope Nope Ambient Temp Sensor (F38) @ T14/5 and T14/14
Nope Nope Signal from the Instrument Cluster @ T14/13
Nope Nope High Side Pressure Sensor (G65) @ T14/2
Nope Yes Issue with A/C clutch circuit (N25)
Nope Yes ECM/TCM signal @ T14/3

  • Terminals can rot inside the terminal housing of the J293. Using a hook tool, gently tug on each of the wires to verify they have not come apart.
  • If the Ambient Temp Sensor (F38) is bad, unplugging it and shorting the terminals together will fix the A/C system after 2 minutes @ idle.
  • While the Fan Control Module (J293) is dumb as dirt, it does monitor amp draw of the A/C Clutch (N25). If the draw is out of factory design (open or short circuit), the Fan Control Module (J293) can cut power to the A/C Clutch (N25).
  • A/C Clutch (N25) should be about 4.5 ohms.