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Thread: Free to a Good Home -- Bentley Repair Manual DVDs

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    Free to a Good Home -- Bentley Repair Manual DVDs

    We have some old Bentley repair manual DVDs still in our storeroom. We stopped selling these some years ago when Bentley refused to update them to make them compatible with newer versions of Windows, which generated too many customer complaints.

    They work best under XP, and I've heard they will work OK on XP in a VM.

    Since we're giving them away for free, I don't make any promises and obviously won't provide any support.

    These only cover NAR models. If you're a verified user here in the US and you're you want one, let me know via PM.

    Here's what we have:

    A4: VW R32 - 04 -- qty 1
    B4: Audi 90 - 93-95 -- qty 2
    B4: VW Passat - 95-97 -- qty 10
    B5: VW Passat - 98-05 -- qty 1
    B6: VW Passat - 06-09 -- qty 5 4
    C5: Audi A6/S6 - 98-05 -- qty 1
    NB: New Beetle - 98-09 -- qty 1
    7L: VW Touareg - 04-09 -- qty 2
    D3: Audi A8/A8L/S8 - 04-09 -- qty 5 4 3 2
    D2: Audi A8/S8 - 97-03 -- qty 3

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    yes, that is correct addr... I am having difficulty with private mess and learning about this ,that is why I came back here to say yes, THANK YOU

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