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Thread: 2015 Golf MK7 - eGolf LED headlight conversion - leveling problem

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    I have of course added the level sensor on the rear suspension, together with module 55. I don't think these headlights can work otherwise.

    I am not totally in love with the low beams always on, since they are DRLs as well, but I had no choice; I retrofitted GTI LED fogs lights as well (replaced the front bumper), and I tried to code those as DRLs at first, but unfortunately they are too low and "hidden" in the bumper, so they are not really visible. I had to go with low beams as DRLs, but I cannot turn them off when I engage a turning blinker, or they would turn off at night too.

    I was thinking about trying the high beams as DRLs, but I think the beam would be too much "in-your-face", especially because these headlights cannot be dimmed. a value of 80 will make a little difference in brightness, and any value below will make the light flicker.

    anyway, it is what it is. I am overall beyond happy with the result.

    I just came back from a nice drive on the mountains. the LED headlights are really stunning in comparison to the halogens.
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