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Thread: What does Instruments > Personalization do?

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    Question What does Instruments > Personalization do?

    Controller 17-Instruments, Byte 2, Bit 1:

    2017 Jetta SEL, unchecked by default. What happens if I check it? What does this even do?

    The only hit on Google was someone asking the same question on TDI Club, with no answer:

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    as far as i can tell, absolutely nothing

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    Moved to from General VW/Audi repair to Tweaks.

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    On MQB cars it enables preferences in car setup, radio stations, AID setup, seat position and other non-safety related stuff to be saved to a user and/or one of the matched car-keys. If that key opens the car, or you select that user on startup, immediately his/her settings/seat position/screen type is set to what is saved/previously set.

    As far as i can deduct from my car, the infotainment unit is the center of this function. Control units that support personalization have a coding option or adaptation channel related to it.
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    I enabled the three user profiles on my Leon 5F, which is supposed to never have them at first place. I used BCM adaptions for it, so i guess BCM is the master behind this.

    MMI 5F does now have a new menu for it, but as it is supposed to never have this extra, i don't have full graphic layout for it in MMI. Software thing i pressume.
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