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Thread: Battery Coding - Measuring Blocks - A8 (4E)

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    Battery Coding - Measuring Blocks - A8 (4E)

    Audi A8 - BEMS - Measuring blocks - as in can anyone identify how I can verify that the 'coding' has been properly accepted for a battery change.

    Whenever I try to save I get a 'coding rejected' message, I generate the coding within the tool based on the VAG part number - 000905105DL - 110Ah Battery, I modify the serial by one digit since the battery (a new Varta Silver has no serial number and I fail to see why this would impact the controller anyhow other than telling it the battery has changed)

    If I try to change a second time I get a warning that the 'length' has changed. I have yet to get a success when saving coding on the battery so I want to verify that it has behaved in the measuring blocks - currently it looks like it hasn't and is showing the battery as available capacity 1000 in measuring group 3 which I think is wrong for the part number - and the battery - was expecting to see 1100.

    Can anyone confirm what / where to verify things - if the BEMS has been 'limited' to 100Ah maximum because that's the recommended battery is there an adaptation channel to 'fix' it - I have zero intention of fitting a 100Ah battery that is only pennies cheaper than a 110Ah.

    BEMS coding below - taken before doing battery swap - just noticed part number - going to check that now ... checked - the part number and serial that I entered are saved in the block ...


    Address 61: Battery Regul. Labels: 4E0-910-181.lbl
    Part No SW: 4E0 910 181 B HW: 4E0 915 181
    Component: ENERGIEMANAGER H02 0240
    Revision: 00000000 Serial number: 00000000010437
    Shop #: WSC 00759 210 61239
    VCID: 1F467090CE97F1E682D-804A

    Subsystem 1 - Part No: 000 915 105 DL
    Component: von VA0 2306140200
    Coding: 303030393135313035444B54553332333036313430323030
    Shop #: WSC 12345 128 00289

    No fault code found.
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    So if that data is from before the battery swap (and associated attempts to change coding), how about posting current data so we can compare?


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