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Thread: OBD1 to OBD2 adapter - 1991 Passat 16v auto what vehicle connectors to use????????

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    No worries on the word 95. I was messing with you. I greatly appreciate the info. Thanks you so much. I made a harness years ago to measure the amps. I myself haven't worked on these for years. My kid found a 1991 Passat sitting in a garage and in mint condition with 130,000mks on it so he bought it. Now he's realizing how delicate the FI system is on these and that it is old school . lol.

    Thanks everyone. I will let you know
    Thanks Brett

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    Well........ my favorite part of CIS was running into people who indeed acted as if they knew what they were doing. Of course tried to explain the sequential timing of the fuel being administrated from the fuel distributor, and further try to instruct people in how important it was that this critical timing ( that didn't exist ) be labeled when disassembling!

    CIS = Continuous Injection system

    If some asshole tries to tell you it is timed, outside of the pulse of the cold start injector from thermal time switch or controller, run! don't walk run the fuck away! & especially if it's an A&P working on an airplane!
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