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Thread: 2000 Audi A6 Quattro: No Rear Braking

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    2000 Audi A6 Quattro: No Rear Braking

    Here's my autoscan:

    VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64
    VCDS Version: (x64)  HEX-V2 CB: 0.4409.4
    Data version: 20171130 DS276.6
    Mileage: 121708   Repair Order: Brake Bleed
    Chassis Type: 4B - Audi A6/S6/RS6/allroad C5 (1998 > 2005)
    Scan: 01 02 03 06 08 15 16 17 18 22 34 35 36 37 45 55 56 57 65 67
              75 76 77
    Address 01: Engine        Labels: 078-907-551-AZA.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 907 551 L
       Component: 2.7l V6/5VT     G   0003  
       Coding: 06652
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 2D040351A404373FC17-513C
    4 Faults Found:
    17862 - Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor 1 (G235) 
                P1454 - 35-10 - Short to Ground - Intermittent
    17521 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor; B1 S1 
                P1113 - 35-10 - Internal Resistance too High - Intermittent
    17883 - EVAP Leak Detection Pump 
                P1475 - 35-10 - Malfunction / No Signal - Intermittent
    17539 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor; B2 S1 
                P1131 - 35-10 - Internal Resistance too High - Intermittent
    Readiness: 0000 0000
    Address 02: Auto Trans        Labels: 01V-927-156.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 927 156 BD
       Component: AG5 01V 2.7l5VT USA 3131  
       Coding: 00002
       Shop #: WSC 00000  
       VCID: 6A8EC84D556AE007E45-513C
    No fault code found.
    Address 03: ABS Brakes        Labels: 8E0-614-111-EDS.lbl
       Part No: 8E0 614 111 A
       Component: ABS/EDS 5.3 QUATTRO D10  
       Shop #: BB 24334  
       VCID: 1C62DE95CFBECEB7A69-51CE
    No fault code found.
    Address 08: Auto HVAC        Labels: 4B0-820-043-MY1.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 820 043 L
       Component: A6-Klimavollautomat D64  
       Coding: 00160
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 2310E569F2C0F14F673-2596
    No fault code found.
    Address 15: Airbags        Labels: 4B0-959-655-AI8.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 959 655 F
       Component: Airbag Front+Kopf  1002  
       Coding: 00406
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 33301529422061CF973-5118
    1 Fault Found:
    01211 - Belt Tensioner Igniter; Rear Driver Side (N196) 
                32-10 - Resistance Too High - Intermittent
    Address 16: Steering wheel        Labels: 4B0-907-487.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 907 487 
       Component: E Lenkrad Elektronik D03  
       VCID: 698CB741506CEB1FEDF-4BBA
    No fault code found.
    Address 17: Instruments        Labels: 4B0-920-xxx-17.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 920 980 M
       Component: C5-KOMBIINSTR. VDO D11   
       Coding: 02264
       Shop #: WSC 00000  
       VCID: 2F381959AE08452FF3B-513C
    No fault code found.
    Address 35: Centr. Locks        Labels:. 4B0-962-258.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 962 258 J
       Component: Central Lock/Alarm  D33  
       Coding: 15885
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 303A1A25B3365AD7EA1-4EC8
    11 Faults Found:
    01371 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Driver's Side 
                35-00 -  - 
    01572 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Passenger Side 
                35-00 -  - 
    01374 - Alarm triggered by Terminal 15 
                35-00 -  - 
    01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring 
                35-00 -  - 
    01368 - Alarm triggered by Luggage Compartment Switch 
                35-00 -  - 
    00955 - Key 1 
                09-10 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed - Intermittent
    00956 - Key 2 
                09-10 - Adaptation Limit Surpassed - Intermittent
    01574 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Rear Right 
                35-00 -  - 
    01573 - Alarm triggered by Door Contact Switch; Rear Left 
                35-00 -  - 
    01586 - Locking Cylinder Contact Switch; Passenger Side (F242); Close 
                29-00 - Short to Ground
    01585 - Locking Cylinder Contact Switch; Passenger Side (F242); Open 
                29-00 - Short to Ground
    Address 36: Seat Mem. Drvr        Labels: None
       Part No: 4B0 959 760 A
       Component: Sitzmemory          D05  
       VCID: 2B000D499A10390FDF3-4B00
    No fault code found.
    Address 37: Navigation        Labels: 4B0-919-887-BNS3.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 919 887 B
       Component: Navigation     BNO 0001  
       VCID: 323E102DBD3A68C79C5-4AE0
    1 Fault Found:
    65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 
                00-00 -  - 
    Address 45: Inter. Monitor        Labels: 4B0-951-178.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 951 178 A
       Component: Innenraumueberw.    D04  
       Coding: 00101
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 2616FC7D81F2046700D-51A8
    No fault code found.
    Address 56: Radio        Labels: 8D0-035-1xx-56.lbl
       Part No: 4B0 035 195 A
       Component:  Radio              D00  
       Coding: 00205
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 1E66D49DD9A2DCA748D-4B1E
    No fault code found.
    Address 76: Park Assist        Labels: 4B0-919-283.lbl
       Part No: 8D0 919 283 
       Component: Parkingsystem A6 USA D05  
       Coding: 01126
       Shop #: WSC 02325  
       VCID: 6C82CE555F9EFE37969-51F2
    No fault code found.
    End----------(Elapsed Time: 04:29, VBatt start/end: 12.3V/12.3V)-----------
    So I’m baffled by the lack of rear breaking on my 2000 Audi A6 (and so is the Audi dealer). 90% of the breaking is on the front and the right rear rotor is only wearing ½ of the disk surface since it’s barely putting any pressure on the pad. It’s generally annoying and unsafe. I acquired this car from a colleague and it’s a great car otherwise. They took pretty good care of it except they never flushed the brake system in 17 years. Here’s the history over the last year since I acquired it:
    • Jan-2017: Acquired ‘totaled’ car since owner couldn’t justify $4000 estimate for control arms/subframe damage estimate from Audi. I’m a DIY mechanic so I replaced front control arms, wheel rim and had it aligned. Subframe was fine. Drives perfect, except brakes are spongy and all in the front.
    • Jan-2017: I replaced rear calipers (Napa reman), rotors and pads since rear brakes appeared to be ‘frozen’ and not functioning. Bled rear brakes manually using two person method.
    • Jan-2017: Had neighborhood Goodyear flush brake system, since I assumed I didn’t bleed them properly. Still spongy and feels like air in system.
    • Feb-2017: Goodyear flushed brakes again since they were still spongy. No real improvement but they don’t have VCDS so perhaps air still in the ABS pump?
    • Feb-2017: I replaced the master cylinder (OEM) guessing it must be shot after 17 years. Bled master cylinder and system using 2 person manual method. During bleeding, my wife put the pedal to the floor, but that shouldn’t damage a new master cylinder, right?
    • Mar-2017: Replaced front calipers (Napa reman), rotors and pads. Why? Because, at this point after 17 years of neglect who knows what debris is in the system and the pads and rotors were shot. Purchased a Motive bleeder and used that to bleed system. Brakes still spongy and all in front.
    • Mar-2017: Had Audi dealer flush brake system since I didn’t have VCDS at the time to properly bleed. Drove pretty well for about 3 days, but then went spongy and all in front again.
    • July-2017: Replaced RR caliper which was leaking during overnight brake pressure test. Also replaced all brake hoses going to calipers. Bled system using Motive bleeder.
    • Aug-2017: Asked Audi to bleed system and officially diagnose lack of rear braking. They agreed braking was mostly in front and claimed it was due to ‘aftermarket’ rear brake pads! They pressure tested and found no leaks and no air in system. That doesn’t explain right rear rotor barely getting pressure! Horseshit.
    • Dec-2017: Applied another overnight brake pressure test and found small leak around brake hose caliper bolt. Tightened bolt and Bled system using Motive bleeder, VCDS and WIS procedure (sequence RF, LF, RR, LR). No air in system. New pressure test revealed no leaks. But brakes still spongy and all in front.
    • Jan-2018: Maybe the ABS pump seals are shot, so I replaced ABS pump with salvage yard pump. Bled system using Motive bleeder and VCDS using WIS procedure.
    • Feb-2018: Asked Midas to look at brakes. They said they found no issues. But brakes still spongy and all in front.
    • Mar-2018: Bled system using VDCS, Motive bleeder and WIS procedure. No air bled out. No improvement in braking, still all in front and spongy.
    So you can see that Goodyear, Audi, Midas have all looked at this and no one can figure it out. I’m about to replace the master cylinder AGAIN thinking perhaps it was damaged in install and/or all this pressure bleeding has damaged seals between front and back?
    Any ideas what could keep the rear brakes from getting pressure and why the brakes are so spongy?


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    Did you check the throw of the brake pedal to master cylinder & for complete stroke?

    Is correct part number installed?

    Are cams run out using e-brake cables to initiate the rear offset lash of caliper and are they returning 100% ?
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