So here’s the final out come for those following along. I hope my experience helps someone.

Short recap: car had intermittent or low power almost a limp mode.
Several things were proven to be bad and fixed. Temp sensor, boost sensor, boost valve (n75), low voltage to turbo vnt position sensor(g500), wire to n75 shorted, egr cooler and valve issue, cam shaft failure, etc. probably something else too....

Still when advancing the cam timing ,things seamed to “ALMOST” get better. But not fixed...

Now, when the egr went, we decided to delete it. I know that gets mixed emotions... this event makes the check engine light come on. Some people have he ability the “adjust” this out of the computers sight. No more CEL. How ever, in this case , and maybe not all cases, my power problem was resolved by UNPLUGGING the EGR valve !!! Problem solved.

Not sure why and my “tuner” wasn’t sure last we spoke. I don’t understand much of the workings or readings yet in he vcds. It looks like there is a number or value installed in the egr window. I am assuming this number in fake if the egr is deleted. I believe since it was still hooked up, maybe the computer was seeing both imputs and getting confused? Once unplugged, it runs great ! Only drove it a couple miles. I will update and post logs from vcds to share and discuss.

I want to thank everyone involved. I know I’m gonna get a beating for the “delete” holding up the final cure to this overwhelming puzzle. I’m just glad it’s over. I will update tomorrow and except my punishment... thanks